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    By Dilshanie Perera “Jagath Weerasinghe’s work exists in the space between the visually appealing and the conceptually uncanny.” Jagath Weerasinghe can’t remember a time when he wasn’t  drawing. At school, he would get into  trouble for using his hands   and arms as a canvas. At home, he knew better than to mark up his body or the walls, so he… Continue reading "PORTRAITS OF HOME"


    Belgium-born artist Fabienne Francotte’s practice began 17 years ago while studying calligraphy. The careful composition of writing demanded a strict, ritualistic approach built on strong gesture and balance.

  • ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SMALL TALES – A Showcase On The Weight Of The Historical Artistic Narrative

    by Shaahima Raashid Jaffna-born poet Rudhramoorthy Cheran is most known for his heartrending literary works expressing the numerous paradigms having resulted from the civil war in Sri Lanka. Decades later, his words serve as inspiration for the title of the exhibition showcasing Sri Lankan art at the Dhaka Art Summit (DAS) this month.  For independent curator and publisher, Sharmini Perera, these words… Continue reading "ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND SMALL TALES – A Showcase On The Weight Of The Historical Artistic Narrative"

  • RE-APPROACHING THE ORIENT | an essay by Sandev Handy

    Orientalism by Priyantha Udagedara, is a body of work that traverses between beauty and ugliness while simultaneously questioning the formation of the lenses that construct the two. Priyantha’s work features paradisiacal dreamscapes filled with lush adornments of tropical flora, leaping mythic fauna, and nostalgic brick ruins overcome with vines. When I first encounter the large canvases, I am taken by… Continue reading "RE-APPROACHING THE ORIENT | an essay by Sandev Handy"


    Ideologically motivated brush strokes strike easel in Priyantha Udagedara’s new series ‘Orientalism,’ with layer upon layer from an almost hypnotic palette of hues for only the true enthusiast to unravel – exposing the paradox that is beautiful horror. Udagedara challenges the orientalist’s notion of foreign beauty and invites the viewer to unearth -and concurrently interpret- what is beneath the deception… Continue reading "IN CONVERSATION WITH PRIYANTHA UDAGEDARA | by Shaahima Rashid"

  • STRANGERS AND SYMBOLS | an essay by Sandev Handy

    How are we to put a finger on our present time? It seems as though Sri Lanka is hungry and in a hurry to be fed. A frenzied cultivating of car horns, enterprise and culture; the surging of new economies, market shares and highways. A future differed is revealing itself in an ahistorical outpouring: a country in a new-found state of aspiration

  • SUTRA | an exhibition by Nuwan Nalaka

    Nuwan Nalaka’s compelling works float between the temporal and the spiritual, remaining in neither. Instead they are always on the move—always becoming. Every painting carries a visible or invisible destination, suggesting a grand ending—be it in the sky, behind a mountain, or a in a mystic form lurking through a thicket.

  • THE INCOMPLETE THOMBU | A review by Josephine Breese

    Artist T. Shanaathanan's work stands to evade this blockage with projects dedicated to the persecution and displacement of the Tamil people of Northern Sri Lanka. Shanaathanan's practise is broadly akin to that of a social anthropologist and activist, but channelled through heavily evocative draughtsmanship, installation art and as a senior lecturer of History of Art at the University of Jaffna. Shanaathanan returns to an imaginary notion of the elemental grounding of 'home', following its theft from this part of the country during the civil war.