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Yohan Medhanka


Born in 1991, Yohan Medhanka is a self-taught artist who at his young age has a skill and intensity that is uncommon in artists with no formal education in fine art. As a young artist Medhanka explores different mediums, from oil to acrylic to ballpoint pen. He has had 2 solo exhibitions at the Saskia Fernando Gallery and has just completed an artist's residency in the Maldives.


Firi Rahman

Firi Rahman was educated at the Foundation of Art and Design at City and Guilds at the Manchester College. His body of work consists of hyperrealist drawings, wherein he is in a constant process of improving his skills in the this form of expression. He prefers the elegance of black ink pen drawings to evolve precise and substantial texture on paper within the spectrum of black, grey and white. In addition to illusionism, he places emphasis on individuality in his portraits and plays with motifs to overcome the limits of visual observation. He prefers to get to know his subjects before he begins his work, moving away from direct representation towards a narrative approach of illustrating his subject.

In his latest series Rahman combined the fields of conceptual cartography and psychogeography to examine the influence of the urban changes his neighborhood Slave Island has gone through in recent times, By combining delicate lines and subtle shadows, Rahman has developed a playful yet sophisticated style.

Firi Rahman is enganged in the contemporary art scene of Colombo; participating at Colomboscope - Shadow Scenes 2015. He was invited to speak at the Sri Lankan Archive for Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design in Jaffna on his work and experiences as an emerging artist. He held two solo exhibitions Unconvetional Beaty in 2015 and Prediction Extiction in 2016 at Saskia Fernando Gallery.


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