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Shirani Pereira


Shirani born in 1945 previousely worked as a creative artist in advertising, Shirani furthered her interest in art and design when she co-founded a business importing furniture and artfacts from along the Silk Route to Sri Lanka. A self-taught artist, Shirani has painted throughout her life. her current focus is in the use of mixed media as a means of expressing herself, using colour and space to evoke a visceral response in her audience


Pathmal Yahampath

Since graduating from The University of Kelaniya, Pathmal's body of works feature figurative sculptures constructed of straight bars and metal. Although the artist noted that there is no deeper meaning to be found in his works, the viewer will clearly notice a certain dignity and majesty in each position. Heavy metal rods are welded together resembling the human muscular system, present inner strength, wherein the spaces between the bars create a mirage where the actual weight of the work is nullified with the light flowing through.



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