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Sanjaya Senevirathna


Sanjaya Senevirathna hails from Kandy, Sri Lanka. He studied painting at the University of Visual Art and Performing Arts in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Sri Lanka and overseas.

As a person born and brought up in Buddhist culture, he believes that the concepts of good and bad fostered in the Dhamma controls his subconscious mind which in turn guides him to hold onto what he conceptualizes as good or spiritual.

Senevirathna has recently begun to use materials he associates with consumerism in his work such as newspaper and advertising banners. It is his relationship with his subconscious mind that results in such works of art.


Kasun Darshana

Kasun Darshana is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Visual and Performance Arts in Colombo. His body of work contains conceptually mixed media collages, wherein he combines bits and pieces of maps and newspapers with rough splattered acrylic paint. Thin lines and thick dots of color itself resemble to abstract cartography or landscapes. The delicate use of gold to highlight his compositions is significant in his technique. The viewer is invited to discover the playfulness in his method. Beside his visual arts, Kasun Darshana is also involved in interactive performances. 


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