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Rasika De Silva


I see the content of my work as being nature and human-centric. The unbreakable bond between man and nature and the human attempt to sever this by destroying whatever is natural and the subsequent human-human conflict that arises is what I present in my works.

It is my opinion that the sole human struggle within the economical and material spheres is totally inadequate and unacceptable to counteract our problems. Without delay we have to carry out two or more endeavours or revolutions. For man to be more human and to conserve nature a more honest heartfelt and proactive struggle must be launched. Humans must have more faith and confidence in the inner and spiritual world rather than the outer physical one. My firm belief is that most of the catastrophes faced by humankind presently could be resolved in the future. Getting rid of cruelty amongst human beings resolves internal pain and suffering. Not only do I try to explore these facts to the best of my ability in my work but I am willing to represent these values in my life also.


Rajni Perera

A Sri Lankan born artist whose work floats between Western and Immigrant culture, Perera's work is an East-West dialogue of ideas, concerning immigrant identity issues, female sexuality and science fiction and fantasy.

I explore issues of hybridity, sacrilege, irreverence, the indexical science, ethnography, gender, sexuality, popular culture, deities, monsters and dream worlds. All of these themes marry in a newly objectified realm of mythical symbioses. They are flattened on the medium and made to act as my personal record of impossible discoveries.


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