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Prageeth Rathnayake


Prageeth Rathnayake is an emerging artist with a similar viewpoint and opinion as the majority of artists graduating from the University of Visual and Performing Arts at present.

What sets Prageeth Rathnayake apart is his ability to paint with an individual style. He is an artist strongly influenced by the 90s movement, and yet there is clear inspiration also from the new movement of artists, those that have graduated and continued to teach and study art using the local art scene as an influence. Their work is becoming increasingly sensitive to technique and concept. Their paintings are less obvious and more intellectually stimulating.


Kasun Geethendra Pathirana

A recent graduate of university of the visual and performing arts sri lanka.The main concern of these paintings are falseness,internal conflict and self-centric attitude in inter-theoretical world.The people who try to build up the reflex float between various forces and influences in a society and even obey that unknowingly.They are being forced to suppress their real characteristics.In the paintings the symbols are also used to bring out that inner conflict.
the usage of the media changes according to the nature of the painting. I prefer bright colours and the usage of the golden color. Colour should be understood with the content of each painting.I also try to use artistry and media parallel.

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