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Manoranjana Herath


Manoranjana Herath is currently the Head of Department of Sculpture at the University of Visual and Performing Arts, Colombo, Sri Lanka. He obtained his BFA in sculpture in 1997 from the University of Kelaniya and went on to complete his MFA at the College of Art, University of New Delhi, India. He received his Ph.D in 2011 from the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. His work has been commissioned and collected by many art collectors both local and international.

His latest series of sculptures are titled Inner Sounds, addresses the interpersonal relationships among humans that have become complex and diverse. He explains how the majority of the present Sri Lankan lives have been positioned among vicious situations so as that trust and mutual understanding have become business now. Hearts neither suffer entirely nor are filled with soulful happiness today.

He forwards these forms of internal voices of the solitary soul discussion to the public for contemplation.


Muvindu Binoy


Muvindu Binoy is an independent film maker and digital artist based in Colombo. His bright multicolored collages appear as a Sinhalese modification of gaudily Pop Art, where he assembles various objects off the internet to hybrid figures. You will notice references to daily Sri Lankan politics, so the artist raises questions about urban socio-cultural developments of his native Colombo. The images are latent cynical, visualizing popular culture objects in combination of nostalgic vintage images of colonial photography.

Preferred format is the square, an indirect citation of the normative trimmed image-cosmos of Instagram. The variety of images popping up on screen every day is endless. While scrolling over them, images of advertisement, celebrity’s shots, politics, selfies, private family photos, art and culture, will amalgamate in front of one’s inner eye to one blunt vision of life, possibly creating one digital collage. The motifs are highlighted and framed by pastel-colored geometric shapes in evocation of digital icons. Binoy incorporates contemporary digital pictorials, his style is distinguished by a combination of straightforward constellations and aesthetic effects. His selection of colors and images signifies the takeover of a precise global hipster trend of his generation, once an urban subculture, now a glossy visual hegemony. 

Binoy held two solo exhibitions ‘The Holy Merchandise’ (2015) and ‚Divine Thru’ (2016) at Saskia Fernando Gallery and participated in the group exhibitions Colomboscope: Shadow Scenes (2015) and Colomboscope: Testing Grounds (2016). Some of his collages from the ‘The Holy Merchandise’ were selected by ‘PIX Magazine’ to be show cased in an exhibition.


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