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Kekuli Abeyratne


Kekuli Unamboowe Abeyratne is a self-taught artist born in Kandy, Sri Lanka and now a full time artist residing in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The artist works primarily with acrylics on canvas and her signature art work embodies intricate line drawings on canvas. However, she also specializes in abstract and abstract impressionist art.

The artist entered the art scene consequent to the death of her husband with her brand "Art by Kekuli" which was the brainchild of her then state of mind. The artist has presented her work in a solo exhibition themed "A Tumultuous Journey to a tranquil state of mind". It signified two very important elements. The first being the journey itself: beginning of a distressed journey that ends well with a tranquil and calm state of mind and the second being the end result of being tranquil itself. The artist believes that it is all about taking your negative experiences and energy and turning them into something beautiful and positive.


Shirani Pereira

Shirani born in 1945 previousely worked as a creative artist in advertising, Shirani furthered her interest in art and design when she co-founded a business importing furniture and artfacts from along the Silk Route to Sri Lanka. A self-taught artist, Shirani has painted throughout her life. her current focus is in the use of mixed media as a means of expressing herself, using colour and space to evoke a visceral response in her audience


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