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Kasun Chamara


Kasun Chamara was born in 1986 in Matara, Sri Lanka. After completing his studies in Rahula College, Matara he obtained a Bachelors degree with a special class from the University of Visual and performing art. Presently, he is studying to obtain his postgraduate degree while working as a freelance artist and a visiting lecturer at the university.

Contemporary art trends and surreal painters such as Salvador Dali, Francis Baecon, Pablo Picasso and Edvard Munch influence his work. As a result, he tends to paint with dark colors mixed with a touch of vibrant colour and they tend to be figurative, dealing with contemporary ideas and follow the surrealistic themes. His mediums of choice are usually acrylic, oil paints as well as mixed media. Kasun has exhibited at SAARC art camp exhibitions, Art Work exhibitions, and Imagine Italy hosted by the Italian embassy as well as various other group art exhibitions in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan and overseas art lovers alike collect his work.


Dilini Samaranayake

Dilini began her studies in the art field as a performance artist. She studied Kandyan dancing and drama, for which she earned a degree with honors from the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Sri Lanka. Later, Dilini focused towards painting. Her painting style tends to be highly detailed, in color and decorative. She paints colorful and imaginary worlds with flowers, houses and trees etc. She explains that her work tends to get a lot of influence from nature and that she is inspired by the master Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt and William Morris.

After graduating, Dilini served as a dancing teacher at Colombo International School in Kandy for a period of four years. While teaching dancing, she was also a visiting lecturer at the Panideniya English Teachers' Training College. At present she is a full time artist as well as a designer. As a designer she creates wooden fashion jewelry.

Beyond painting, dancing and acting, Dilini has launched a children's book called "Hemidiriya". She has also done illustrations for children's books by other authors in Sri Lanka.

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