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Chathurika Jayani


Born in 1984 in Colombo, Chathurika Jayani is an emerging contemporary artist from Sri Lanka. Jayani's work is prominent due to her attention to intricate details and the creative methodology in which her work is presented. Jayani's art is conceptual as well as personal. The artist completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Visual and Performing Arts in Colombo and staged her first solo exhibition in 2012 at Lionel Wendt Art Gallery. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions locally and abroad.

In her latest series of work exhibited at Paradise Road Galleries, she captured the imagery of slums and cityscapes focusing on their true and raw allure. Conceptually, Jayani depicted the environment of beauty within chaos wrapped around change. Through each work she expressed her statement boldly; though slums disappear and cities rise, slums too housed histories and characters of significance.

Jayani's use of mixed media creating a layered three dimensional visual on her canvas is effective in illustrating this aesthetic. Her use of colour and detail is unique and through this mix of media Jayani establishes a story that is defined by both dimension and texture.


Ruwan Prasanna

Ruwan Prasanna's abstract impressionist work contemplate Sri Lankan landscapes and nature incorporating vibrant colour and fluid brushstrokes to create the large canvas works that are the artist's signature. Since the transition from his first series of work that focused entirely on birds in flight, Prasanna consistently attempts to express his freedom with colour and movement.
A student of the Institute of Aesthetics, University of Kelaniya in Colombo, Prasanna has become one of the most sought after emerging artists in the Sri Lankan contemporary scene.


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