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Bartholamenze Wimalaratne was born in Kalegana in the Galle district. He obtained his preliminary education at Piyatissa Maha Vidhyalaya. He entered the university of Colombo in 1965. After only 6 months of education, he left the university due to his desperation of enviroment and joined the Peoples Bank.

Born with a natural talent in art, Wimalaratne never missed an opportunity to refine his skills. Strong determination to indulge in his passion for art led him to decline as extension of service offered to him at age 55years. He then retired from his position as Bank Manager to devote his full time to become a professional artist. Wimalaratne’s form of paintings and sculpture are mostly of an abstract nature. Most of his work portrays the oppression of human beings in the society. He also attempts to convey his ideology of history being man’s confrontation with nature and its ultimate victory.



Hiran Patikiriarachchi

Hiran Patikiriarachchi is a self-taught artist who has been an active member of the art society during his schooling years. He held his first art exhibitionl, unique in its nature since it was the first ever exhibition in Sri Lanka to be done on gunny material based on wildlife titled "Roo Sobha" and held at the National Art Gallery, Colombo in 2011. After a successful turnout using gunny as the medium, he went on to showcase a second exhibition named "Walk to Wild" in 2012.

He is a member of member of the Ceylon Society of arts, as well as an active member of the young zoological association, which opened up opportunities for him. He was selected by representatives of CHOGM summit 2013 held in Sri Lanka, for wildlife drawings to be featured in national Zoos of their respective countries.



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