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Asela Gunasekara


While Asela was in school and later working in the areas of Banking, Human Resource Development and Social Services and Development, Asela taught herself diverse artistic techniques. When she realized that art being a sidelined hobby was not adequate she gave up employment and joined Colombo Academy of Art at the Sapumal Foundation to further study painting. Then onwards she continued studying and working as a fulltime artist.
She is also drawn towards the Japanese concepts of 'Wabi-sabi' and her work mirrors the influence of this technique.


Kirusnananthan Inkaran

Kirusnananthan Inkaran is a graduate of the University of Jaffna. His works stem from his experiences of the last phase of the Vanni War, linking with cycles of displacement, the pain of a wounded body and the agony of coping with post-war realities.

His Sculptures emerge as a process of healing for the circumstances he faced in this period; military operations, constant surveillance, suspicion and torture. His material usage reflects this healing process by alluding to the concepts of bandaging and casting.

Inkaran had his first group exhibition at the Saskia fernando gallery in January 2017

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