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Theertha Artists Collective

Address: 39/4 A D.S. Senanayake Road, Colombo 8
Tel: +94 (0)11 269 8130

Theertha International Artists' Collective is an autonomous, artists' led, non-profit visual arts organisation that works to support the needs of the contemporary Sri Lankan art community. Theertha started in 2000 as an informal group supporting art exchange across artistic, geographical, and ethno-religious borders.While the initial objectives primarily focused on artistic exchange, Theertha has over the years expanded to ensure its impact in the artistic community.

Theertha has been a crucial player in hosting and participating International Art Residencies and Workshops with a focus on South Asia. These exchanges showcased an experimental approach to art making (including performance and installation art) and new ways of exhibiting art. Theertha is part of SANA (South Asian Network of Artists) with network partners in India (KhoJ), Pakistan (VASL), Bangladesh (Britto) and Sri Lanka (Theertha).

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